Buck Sweep - PST

1.   We begin by using “GAP” part of “Gap, Read down” assignment versus a 3 TECHNIQUE.  We will use COVER technique.









2.  Versus a 43, the play side tackle again looks inside first to see if he has a gap problem.  In this look he does and he will use his gap part of his rule and execute a cover block.










3. With no defender in your Gap and the adjacent lineman (RG) is not covered, the play side tackle will use his READ DOWN part of his Gap, Read Down assignment.  Some people have called this Gap, Read UP, since in the diagram the tackle will be going to the next level to the backer. If the M scraps over the top then look for the B linebacker.





















4.  Versus a 33 stack, we treat it almost the same as a 32 look. we will use our READ DOWN part of the Gap Read down assignment.  We will begin coming down and reading the stack and block what comes to you.















5.  Versus a double eagle, we will use our gap part of our gap, read down.  we will execute a COVER block technique.