Wing-T Communication

A simple communication system is essential to having a multiple offense especially at the high school level.  The Deleware system does just that.  However,  it is not the only communication system.  But some parts of it, I believer are essential in the communication of this offense For instance - Wing-T is series football and I believe that keeping the idea of series numbers is important.




Understanding defensive alignment is crucial when calling an offense. Numbers are assigned to defensive lineman according to how they line up to our offensive lineman.  We also identify the gaps by letters and numbers: A, B, C, D is used to identify the holes to the strong side, we use 1, 2, 3, 4 to identify the holes to the weak side.  This system allows us to communicate a defenders alignment and technique as well as the gap for which they are responsible. We name the techniques beginning over the center - head up – outside shades – then inside shades.  Then name the gaps strong side first beginning with the A gap. The following diagram will give you a better understanding of defensive alignment.






We will wrap up lesson two by going over the offensive alignment in this system.


                1. The W.R. SLOTS, and Backs will be in 2 Point stances.

                2. The offensive line and TE will  be in a 3 Point stances.


1. Offensive Lineman splits will generally remain the same while the backs and receivers alignment will vary.

                                a. Guards: 2 ft

                                b. Tackles: 3 to 4 ft

                                c. Tight Ends: 3 to 4 ft

                2. W.R. when the ball is on the hash.

a. W.R. to the boundary line up 5 yd from the sideline and receiver to the field will be lined up on top of numbers. In Trips Formation the # 2 receiver will split the difference between the #1 and #3. ( Usually about 1 yard past Hash or on Hash).

                                b. Ball in middle of field W.R. 5 yards from sideline.

                3. Halfbacks

Halfbacks in a wing position are aligned with their outside foot 3 1/2 yards off the Tackles outside foot  and toes 2 yards from the back tip of the ball .  Halbacks in a dive position will straddle the offensive tackles outside foot with toes at 4 yards from back tip of the ball.

                4. QB and TB

TB toes are 4 yards from back tip of football behind the quarterback.   

If utilizing pistol in your package - QB's heels are at 4 yards from back tip of football and Tailback will be 2 yards behind QB.  


Score Big!


Coach Hrovat