Ball Drills


Repitition is the best way to improve catching the football, so ball drils are something we work on every. We have a variety of drills that we do, and we will vary them everyday so our WR are doing different ball drills.

A. Noose Drill
Method:  Set up two cones  10 yards apart.  QB will execute their drop, and work their feet, while teh WR runs back and forth between teh two cones, executing stick moves.  When the WR squares to the QB, the QB will throw him the ball, and the WR will turn away from the cone and run upfield.

B. Pat-n-Go

Method:  WR will execute a freeze release, and gain a "stack position" on a stand-up bag,  He then runds down field, and adjusts to the QB's throw.  This will be done at a warm up speed.

C. Goal Post Drill

Method: Player will lean with shoulder on goal post, head to opposite side, hands extended.  Goal is for player to use only his hands to catch the ball as it is thrown by another player or the coach.



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Coach Hrovat