Control Parameters

Every Offense has things they control - Control Parameters.
These are the parameters with the Wing-T.

Wing-T Control Parameters

Personnel Preparation and Utilization

We build the offense like other sports do - strong down the middle - whether it be baseball - catcher, pitcher, center fielder or football defense - noseguard, linebacker, and free safety.
A. Center - Best Big Lineman
We start with the best big lineman.  This is where everything starts.  The center is in the middle of everything put your best lineman with size at this position.  Hopefully, he also is smart and a leader.
B. Tailback - Best Runner
This should be your best runner.  The tailback in the I formation.  We would like this person to have some size as well.
C. QB - Great one - Really #1
This is really where you start.  Your QB will determine which part of the system do you highlight - option football. throw the football around or stick to the core wing-T and have a game manager.
D. Others
Wide Receiver - e are looking for Speed.
Tight End - Line tenacity.  The ability to catch is secondary but a plus.
Guard - Best line line athlete.  This lineman pulls and folds the most.
Tackle -Taller - Best pass blockers.
Pre-season personnel needs:
2 Quarterbacks
2 Tailbacks
3 Halfbacks
2 Tight Ends
2 Wide Receivers
2 Centers
3 Guards
3 Tackles
19 Players battle ready
We are trying to get 19 players ready for war(battle ready).  This means the backups need as much practice as the starters and in different situations so they are ready to step up.  We rotate as many guys as we can which involves more of the team and helps our backups for next year as well.  Excecution is a volume business, reps, reps and more reps.
2. Turnovers - have a plan
You must have a plan to limit turnovers.  This plan will ultimately help you win games.  This is a critical component of the control parameters.  Do not overlook this plan.  
3. Practice Organization - mediocre plans put in early will better than superior plans put in late
This is an old adage this is right.  Every time you overlook this or think "this time I can do it"  you will be disappointed.
4. play calls - 1 bad call - eliminate the bad call
There is always one bad call in every play situation.  We need to stay away from that bad call and our Quarterback helps us to eliminate the bad call with either/or's and check with me's.
5. when things are going well, innovate, be creative - when things are not going well, subtract, go to the basics
This is a traditional thought process. Sometimes however - we do the opposite.  We think when things aren't going well we need to be creative to stir something up but in fact we need to go back to the basics to give us the best chance to execute.
6. lack of comeback offense?
The knock of the wing-T offense is the lack of the comeback offense.  If you add no huddle to your every down and distance package you can eliminate this weakness.   Also having not only a system of passing but putting your practice time into the passing game will eliminate this as well. 
7. lack of intensity?
 This is another knock with all of the pulling schemes and non- downhill plays.  But with the addition of 83/87 Blast, power off-tackle, and traditional inside veer triple option you can create more intensity on both sides of th ball in practice.  When I coached for Denny Creehan - he always made a point to have a five minute period in each practice where we did nothing but go against our defense running Blast or Power.
Score Big!
Coach Hrovat