Separation Techniques

 I. Separation Techniques

Our philosophy on creating separation is very simple.  When our WR run routes we would like them to always look the same.  They should always have their head and eyes up, use great running form, be under control.

A.      Stick

  • Drive plant foot into the ground
  • Sit down and drop your hips
  • Chest over your thighs
  • Head and eyes up
  • Burst out of the break and rip your elbow back.

             2.   Box Drill (45 deg.)

             3.   Ladder Drill

             4.   Zig-Zag Drill

             5.   Hourglass Drill

             6.    M Drill

B. Weave



Score Big!


Coach Hrovat



Command: “Set”

Method: Set up cones in a ten yard square. The WR will execute stick moves at each cone using good technique.



a.       90 degree cuts                        b. 45 degree cuts

.   Ladder Drill

Command: “Set”

Method:  WR Gets Off The Ball, Burst Towards The First Cone, And Executes A Stick Break.  Once He Sticks He Will Pause, And Keep His Eyes And Head Up, And Pump His Arms Full Speed For 5 Sec.  On The Next “Set” He Will Go To The Second Cone, And The Next Guy In Line Begins.  After He Leaves The Last Cone, He Will Catch A Ball.                              


d.   Zig-Zag Drill

Command: “Set”

 Method:  WR gets off of the ball, and executes a stick move at each cone.  After the last cone he will catch a football.


e.  Hour Glass drill

Method:  Set up cones as shown below.  The WR will get off the ball and attack the middle cone executing a one step break.  He will proceed to the upper left cone and make another one step break across the top, here he will look for the ball and catch it.  The WR will finish the drill by mirroring the beginning of the drill ending on the bottom right cone.


                         f.  M drill

Method: Use the same set up as above.  Instead of the WR attacking the middle cone they go straight to the upper left cone and execute a one step break down to the middle cone. At each cone the WR should execute a one step break making an M path.  


2.      Weave Move

We will use the Weave Move on some of our longer routes to get the DB to change his hip position.  We will always start in the direction we want to end up.


Coaching Points

    Execute slight stems in and out using subtle moves at each break.

     Accelerate out of the last move.


Score Big!

Coach Hrovat