Counting Defenders in the Option Game

There are numerous ways to count defenders for offensive purposes.  The option game count is critical in helping the perimeter players block the correct defenders with out having to change the play call.  You can certainly change the play call but this will be a great base to count defenders and have a base rule for the perimeter players and also give the QB a way to communicate the defense.   
Number One.  The Dive read is number 1.  He is the defender on or outside the offensive tackle.
Number Two.  The next defender outside of the dive read (number 1) is the pitch read or number 2. This is usually an outside linebacker of some sort.  Can be a defensive end in the 30 defense.   
Number Three.  The next defender outside of number two.
OR if to the WR side the Deep Defender is the next secondary person inside of the Deep Defender
What is the Deep Defender (DD)? 


The Deep Defender is the the secondary defender to the side of the option that is responsible for the deep coverage.  For instance if it is cover 3 than the Corner is the deep defender.  If it is cover 2 than the safety is the deep defender or if cover 4 then the Corner is the deep defender.  
The rules would then go as follows in your triple option game:
The QB reads the Number 1 and 2 - Dive Read and Pitch Read
The Inside receiver blocks the number 3 defender.
The outside receiver blocks the  Deep Defender.
Below is an example with a 7 man front for countind defenders
Option game - counting defenders


This is an example of counting defenders in 8 man front


counting defenders 8 man front