Goal Setting

 How do we set goals?

It starts with a dream.  Achieving goals doesn't just happen.  Climbing Mount Everest didn't just happen. Ignore the odds and surround yourself with encouragers.  Sometimes we need another person's perspective.  Don't be afraid to invest time.
Write your goals down.  Dreams are just dreams until you write them down.  Keep them in front of you. You need to take an offensive philosophy.  The moment you write your goals down you become a participant in your life instead of a spectator. 
No limit to types of goals.  You can set personal goals, team goals, academic goals, professional goals, family goals, long term goals, and short term goals.  Be careful to not get carried away.  Focus on a few short term goals and a couple of long term goals.  Don't forget you can set fun goals as well.
Goals you intend to fulfill only apply.  Focus on things that YOU can control.  Be aware of conflicting goals (sometimes short term and long term goals can get in the way of each other).  WIN - Whats Important Now.  You tend to get what you expect (and measure).  Always expect the best for yourself, then you won't be suprised when you get it.  
Recoginize opportunity.  Opportunity doesn't just stand around while you sit and try to decide if you want to grab it.  As a Quarterback, in a game there will be 3 to 4 opportunities for big plays, you must be ready to recognize them and execute.  If you don't seize it, somebody else will.  Probably your opponent.  Be careful - some of the greatest opportunities sometimes disguise themselves as adversity.