Hazing Leadership Style

Read this information and answer the questions in your TLJ.  Make sure you take your time and answer the questions completely and honestly.  Reflect on your answers and how they affect Influence  and influencing others.  Put yourself both in the leadership position and one that is being led.


a. Are there hazing examples that you are able to share that involve somebody hazing you?
b. How did that make you feel?
c. Did you feel like a part of the team?
d. Did you feel like you could trust this person?
e. Was that person committed to excellence, or just committed to making you feel miserable?
f. Did that person truly care about you?
g. Would you ever follow this person, especially in the heat of the battle?
Hazing Leadership Style
Goal: To get this person to follow me, do as I do, and to help me accomplish my vision of giviing my best to be a champion.
a. Insult him
b. Pick on him, verbally and physically
c. Make him fear me.
d. Let him know he is beneath me
e. Seperate him as much as possible.
Anyone would not be very smart to follow  this leader.  Yet there are guys every year who think this should work.
so why does hazing happen?
a. This is the way its always been done.
b. Done to me, so its my turn to pass it on.
c. Senior rights.
d. Rights and privileges vs. responsibility and obligations.
How was your relationship with last years' leaders?  or the year before?  Did you trust them?  Did your trust them to give their best and best effort? Did you trust them to  treat you fairly?  Did you trust them to make good decisions in battle?
Have you haze others in the past?  Or did you watch others being hazed and stood by watching, letting it happen?
Lou Holtz Test
Every person is going to ask 3 questions of their leaders.
1. Can I trust you?
2. Are you committed to excellence?
3. Do you really care about me?
Answer the Lou Holtz Test about yourself.  

1. Can the team trust me?
2. Am I committed to excellence?
3. Do I really care about my teammates?