Review of Vision

1. Vision gives significance to otherwise meaningless details of our lives.
2. Without vision, good things will hinder you from achieving the best things.
Last lesson we learned that leadership was influence... so what is influence?  Influence is simply the effect that you have on other people..  You are more influential than you think.  As an athlete, this influence is greater, and so is the spotlight and the microscope.   There are always little eyes on you.  You are a modern day hero to many of your youth league players.  Don't you remember growing up and wanting to play on the BIG field?  Who was your favorite?
You hopefully read John Woodens leadership and influence.  With public acclaim comes responsibility.  Some will say, they are not a role model (charles barkley). That is not an option, with the spotlight comes the responsibility.  They are a role model, good or bad, whether they want to or not, and so are you.  So am I.  Leadership is a sacred trust.
Sacred trust is a privilege to have that responsibility, opportunity, and obligation.
a. to mold character
b. instill productive principles and values
c. provide a positive example to those under your supervision.

Leadership and Motivation

Leadership requires you to get other people to buy into the vision.  That means that everyone on your team has a role.  Great players' role is easy to know, but someone not playing very much or reserve player, it is not as clear. Don't underestimate the role of getting the great player ready to play.  Some jobs require that they bust their butts all week to either make you better or take your job.  Some leader must value that attitude.  Everyone must feel valued, needed, and appreciated.  Every player deserves that.  What kind of teammate is someone who doesnt feel needed or appreciated?  As a leader, we need to make sure they feel important.
A prison guard with a gun has a lot of motivation, but no leadership.  An athletic code has a gun and some motivation.  Without relationships, its just rules and rules will be broken.  If you need the gun, you've missed the whole idea.
Do you as an undersclassment attend JV an Freshman games. One  word from you to another player that trusts you is worth 100 words from the coach.  You have a chance to really show you care about him getting better.  When you care about him, he will buy into your vision much faster.