John Wooden: Leadership and Influence

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You are more influential than you think

Like it or not, we have influence of many different kinds in many different places and should conduct ourselves in as appropriate manner.  This verse is correct:
More often than we ever suspect, The lives of others we do effect.
Superstars who don't want the responsibility that comes with public accaim don't have that choice.  They are role models whether they like it or not; they cannot simpl announce that they intend to shirk their responsibility.  They are role models, either good or bad.  So are you.  So am I.  I believe we have an obligation to make that model a positive one.
A Sacred Trust
A leader has a  most powerful influence on those he or she leads, perhaps more than anyong outside of their family.  Therefore, it is the obligation of that leader to treat such responsibility as a grave concern.  I consider it a sacred trust: helping to mold character, instill productive principles and values and providing a positive example to those under your supervision.  Furthermore, it is a PRIVILEGE to have that responsibility, opportunity and obligation, one that should never be taken lightly.
Commend, Don't Criticize
When a player does something well, commendation is a powerful tool.  one of the most powerful motivating tools you can use is the pat on the back.  Yes, occasionly the pat must be a little lower and little harder, but too often leaders neglect the praise.  They are quick to criticize and slow to commend.
Leaders and Prison Guards
A real leader is much more than simply a person with authority.  A Prison guard has authority, but he or she is not a leader.  A leader does not need a gun to motivate individuals.
Who can Lead
Leadership is the ability to get individuals to work together for the common good and the best possible results while at the same time letting them know they did it themselves.  Some people are automatic leaders.  some can never be leaders.  But many who don't think of themselves as leaders have the potential to become such if they understand the fundamentals of getting individuals to work together.  Those fundamentals can be learned.  I learned them.
A Leaders Difficult task
A person in a position of leadership must make decisions.  Making decisions is a tough job.  Making suggestions is an easy job.  Everybody has a suggestion.  Not everybody has a decision.  Perhaps that's why there are so few leaders - at least good leaders.
The value in feeling valued
The individuals who aren't playing much have a very important role in the development of those who are going to play more. They are needed and you must let them know it.  Everyone on the team, from the manager to the coach, has a role to fulfill.  That role is valuable if the team is to come close to reaching its potential.  The leader must understand this.  Every single member of your team needs to feel wanted and appreciated.  If they are on the team, they deserve to be valued and to feel valued.  Do you want someone ont the team who doesn't fell necessary and appreciated?  How do they find out unless you let them know?
The laws of Learning
The four laws of learning are Explaniation, Demonstration, Imitation, and Repetition.  The goal is to create a CORRECT habit that can be produced instinctively under great pressure.  To make sure this goal was achieved, I created eight laws of learning: namely, Explanation, Demonstration, Imitation, Repitition, Repititon, Repition, Repitition, and Repitition.
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