Leadership - the missing link

Posted by Coach Hrovat

 As we head into spring and get ready for the summer, leadership is easily seen or not seen in the weightroom.  We all Know how important leadership is to our team's success.  How much time do we spend developing leadership.  How do we develop leadership.  Lots of ways to skin a cat - I know - but what way seems to be the most effective.  How do we measure leadership?  Can we measure leadership?  These are all questions not easily answered - especially for smaller schools that do not have the natural selection that large numbers and the by product - competition that comes from large numbers.  

John Maxwell talks about the "law of the lid" and gives a story of Mcdonald's fast foot restaurants and their rise with the change of leadership.  Basically, Maxwell says that no organization can rise above the level of their leadership.  We all have seen or experienced ourselves within the high school setting.  Whether it be the administration or head football coach that we worked for that lacked that essential ingredient of leadership. Or with our teams over the years - where we had enough talent but lacked the leadership to take us to a successful season.  

So, back to my initial premise - how do we develop and measure leadership within our football teams?  I am working on that for my spring project and will let you know my ideas as we incorporate them within our team.  I will also give you an update on the measurement aspect during our season.

Score Big!

Coach Hrovat