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Two QB is a tab dedicated to QB's and QB's only. Two QB is an on-line football school to raise quarterbacks football IQ and overall understanding of the game and its terminology and basic strategies. This also helps them to recognize defenses and how their alignment can affect the plays you are running.  It is highlighted by recognizing and attacking pass coverage. As I go about coaching my players I am always looking for ways to improve their football knowledge.  We can do this in a classroom setting but it is tough to get everyone together unless it is the summer or fall.   Two QB was designed as a way to get my QB's to understand defenses and basic strategy before the season starts and augment what they have learned already.

So what better way than an on-line class with on-line quizzes at the end of each lesson to gage each players grasp and encourage them to continue learning more.  Each quiz is designed as a basic review not a hard or difficult assessment, that way they are encouraged to learn more not discouraged by more work.

We will continue to add topics of football strategies as well as others.  Future topics are: Clock Management: Attacking Coverages: Defensive option Responsibility: Football field Dimensions and landmarks: Ball Security: Game Situations: Penalties and .......

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1 Defensive Personnel   Def Line & Def Backs  
2 Defensive Alignment   Alignment  
3 Defensive Gaps Alignment & Gaps Gaps  
4 8 Man Fronts      
5 7 Man Fronts  4-3 Front    
6 Eagle Fronts   Def Fronts  
7 Run Support   Run support  
8 Defensive Coverage Cover Zones Cover Zones  
9 1 Shell 1 Shell Cover 3 1 Shell  
10   1 Shell Cover 1    
11 2 Shell  2 Shell 2 Shell  
12   2 Shell Cover 3    
13   2 shell Cover 1 and 4    
14   2 Shell Cover 2 and 8    
15 0 Shell  0 shell  0 Shell  
16 The Officials   The Officials  
17 Start and Stops   Starts and Stops  
  BALL SECURITY     All Users
18 Curl Concept


19 Vertical Concept       
20 Shallow Concept      
21  Mesh Concept