You must prepare with the end in mind

1.  To have complete command of your footwork

2. To have sound passing mechanics

3  To understand the concepts of our option game

4. To understand the concepts of our passing game

5. To have complete command of the offense

6.  To Lead


To be successful quarterback, you must be able to physically and mentally perform at a championship level.  You must also develop the traits of leadership.  Physical ability can be divided in two areas.  They are the ability to throw the ball and the ability to move.  This last area includes running with the ball, movement within the pocket and ball handling.  You must be great at one of these and work with passion on improving your skills.

Without a complete understanding of our offense, you will not be able to perform effectively.  Our offense is centered around the ability of our quarterback to recognize defenses and then attack the defense's weakness.  Quick and correct reads both prior to and after the snap are a must if we are going to win.

You are our offensive leader.  You must be able to gain the confidence of your teammates.  A thorough knowledge of the offense is a must.  In addition to your own assignments you must know at a minimum the skill positions as well.  You are expected to execute the game plan to perfection.  All of this can only come from intense study fo the game plan, repeated reviewing of game and practice film and mental rehearsal.  Mental rehearsal is a must.

Vince Lombardi once said, "The will to win is nothing without the will to PREPARE to win."  This applies to your position more than any other.  You must approach each practice and meeting with the attitude that you will give 100% mentally to being the best prepared quarterback in the country.  Every day you must work on improving your accuracy, quickness, and timing.  This is not only foot quickness but also in making decisions.  Concentrate on every play allows you to improve in making the correct read on both a pass and on the option.

A quarterback is judged by only one factor - PERFORMANCE!  Does he move the team by working within the game plan and put POINTS on the board.  Does he avoid putting his team in a bad situation?  Only one statistic is important - WIN!!  At no time do we expect you to win the game on your own nor are you solely to blame for a loss.  It is your responsibility to give your teammates a chance to win.  You must not take this opportunity away.

 The key to performing at a championship level is to make every decision automatic.  You do not have time to think once you step up to take the snap.  You must react if you are to make the correct check, the proper read or hit the right receiver on time.  Take every snap in every drill to challenge yourself.  PRACTICE IS HOW IT IS!!!  You will be expected to do whatever it takes (on and off the field) to make your actions automatic while executing the proper techniques.  Only you will really know if you are preparing to be a championship quarterback.  Again mental rehearsal is a must.

Score Big!

Coach Hrovat