Talent is Never Enough

Posted by Coach Hrovat

Talent is never enough - a book written by John Maxwell. This an excellent book that describes what it takes to be John Maxwell calls "a talent plus person".  He goes on to describe 13 crucial thing "TPP' does to maximize the talent he has. He also describes what "practice with a purpose" really means.  This blog entry will explain the 13 crucial things and describe simpy - practice with a purpose.

We will begin with "practice with a purpose"

what really separates world class performers and everyone else

5 steps to Deliberate Practice

It’s designed specifically to improve performance
Practice that is specifically designed to be a demanding activity in the learning zone.

It can be repeated a lot.
Top performers repeat their practice activities to a stultifying extent.
Stultifying - to dull somebody's interest by being repetitive, tedious, and boring

Feedback on results continuously available

It’s highly demanding mentally
Deliberate practice is above all an effort of focus and concentration
It is not much fun
If it was fun then everyone would be doing it and you would not be able to separate yourself from everyone else.  That is the silver lining.