Noose Drill

Organization of the Drill

Set up two cones 7-8 yards apart.  Put a QB 7-10 yards away from the cones.

The Noose Drill

A receiver, back or tight end will run between the cones executing a stick move at each cone.
At some point the WR will face the QB and present the noose.
Once the noose is presented the QB will deliver the ball. When the "receiver" catches the ball, he must turn away from the nearest cone and head upfield carrying the ball "high and tight."

Coaching Points

  • Have the receivers concentrate on sticking the foot in the ground at each cone.  "Sticking" means to stomp on the ground like you are squishing a bug or like you are trying to break a plate of glass.
  • The receivers need to make Noose with thumb and fingers and "put head on the ball" as you noose the ball.  "head on the ball" means to make sure your head and eyes physically go in the direction the ball is being caught.


  • Once the ball is caught - turn away from the nearest cone (defender) with ball in far high and tight situation.  High and tight is 4 points of pressure.  The 4 points are: 1. fingers at tip of ball; 2. forearm tight to the ball; 3. back tip of ball tucked tight to inside of bicep; 4. and across chest.