Shoulder Skills

 The shoulder block and the use of the flipper are essential to the wing-T and I would make a case for any offense.  We will go through the teaching progression here.

Shoulder skills Progression
II. Strike a blow
III. Step and hit
IV. Run and hit
The organization of this drill should look like this:
A.  Each bag should be 5 yards apart
B.  Coach stands in the middle of all the players
The main fundamentals we will be developing are:
1. Man between Legs
2. Chest on thighs
3. butt over heels
4. Wide Base
5. Opposite arm leg action in the block
I. Surface
Create a fist with our right hand establish with flat wrist  into your right peck  The surface includes side of the face as well.  This will be our entire blocking surface - the initial contact point.  This is a hard surface and can create a powerful blow as well as establish your body into the defender.
The way in which we develop this is to put our players in a six point stance in the organization described above.  The teaching of the six point stance is critical as well as the actual surface.  When we talk about 6 point stance these are the fundamentals:
1. 2 Hands flat on the ground
2. 2 Knees on the ground with your knees under your hips in a 90 degree angle
3. The laces of your shoes flat on the ground - preventing your toes from pushing you forward
4. Arch your back to help keep your power base.
When we first organize the we make sure we coach the back holder.  He should put foot and leg against bag and lean bag forward slightly.  This is important and should not be overlooked.
Nose 6 inches from the bag
surface right surface on sound "set"
The players then should fit into the dummy - no pop - at this stage - more of a fit.
I am looking for good surface on the bag including the shoulder neck squeeze and arm parallel to the ground and eyes up with off hand posted in the ground.  
The command will be "Surface Right on Sound"
Then check for the following:
1. Good 6 point stance
2. Slide your face to the left as you create contact with the rest of your surface.
3. Squeeze the bag with entire surface
4. Keep arm parallel to ground during contact.
5. Roll your hips into bag
6. Belt buckle to the dirt
7. Off arm should be posted into ground
8. Eyes up
After checking all the players then say "relax"
Then the command is "Surface left on sound"
After checking all the players then say "relax"
Then "switch" - the players then will switch roles.
Strike a Blow
This is where we want hip extension - the end point will see full extension into the bag.  we want the bag to move.  As you strike the blow you can cock your shoulder slightly.
1. 6 point stance
2. slight recoil
3. explode into the bag (hips)
4. finish perfect
Step and Hit
Step and hit left foot, right shoulder, by the numbers
1. start with the numbers, progress to "on sound"
2. Lead with opposite foot of the blocking surface
3. Heel replaces toe on first step
4. Cock surface arm
5. Keep Chest on thigh
6. Second step explodes into bag
7. Fiinish with a flat back, eyes up, bag between legs.
Run and Hit
run and hit left foot, right shoulder on sound
1. Lower pad level
2. Chest on thigh
3. First step is with opposite foot
4. Wide base on contact
5. Be violent, block through bag until whistle hold fit until released