Stalk Block

Stalk Progression

Fit position
Contact phase
Shrink distance between WR and defender to 5 yds
Meet defender 1/2 way ( 2.5 yards)
Punch violently
Relax and mirror – Toe to Toe and dance with defender

Fit Position

Feet a little wider then shoulder width.
Good knee bend.
Slight elbow bend.
Weight back.
Eyes up, head back.
Contact Phase
Violent 6” Punch
3 Points of contact
Hands and eyes form triangle
Have a Narrow Focus – Inside Number, Middle, or Outside Number
After contact head back, chin up, eyes up
2. Punch to Fit and Mirror
TE fits into defender in perfect pass set
On command, defender Moves laterally to designated direction, varying his speed
TE stay square with defender mirroring his movement
3.  Meet halfway drill
On silent command: defense breaks up field or at angle (designated by coach)
TE (football position) reacts and meets defender halfway, deliver violent punch and get square
*Stay strong on outside arm
4.  Keep cushion and stalk
Defender lines up in a soft coverage (6-8 yard cushion)
On command, defender backpedals and TE drives off ball and gains the 5 yard cushion
On silent command , defender will break (straight or angle)
TE meets half way - deliver violent punch, get square to begin stalk block.
* Stay strong with outside arm
Score Big!
Coach Hrovat