Two Lead

An Online Leadership School.  Twolead is for players and coaches alike.
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To help you understand leadership.  Leadership is a term that is thrown around a lot, however not too many people can define it let alone understand the concepts of leadership.  This course is designed to inform you and hopefully build leadershi within the team by education and practice.  
Leadership develops daily, not in a day.  Becoming a leader is a lot like investing succesfully in the stock market.  If your hope is to make a ton of money in a day, you're not going to be successful.  What matters most is what you day to day over the long haul.  The secret to success is found in your daily agenda.  If you continually invest in leadership development, letting your assets compound, the inevitable result is growth over time.  Successful leaders are learners.  And the learning process is ongoing. 
If you want to be a leader, the good news is that you can do it.  Everyone has the potential, but it isn't accomplished overnight.  It requires perserverance.  And you absolutely cannot ignore that becoming a leader is a process.  Leadership doesn'd develop in a day.  It is a journey.
What is this important?  The "law of the lid"  - John Maxwell, leadership expert, explained the any organization cannot grow past the level of their leadership.  This "law of the lid" is something we as coaches have experienced at different times of our career.   Our players leadership is critical to the level of success our teams will achieve.    Two Lead is a step by step approach to teaching about the process of being champions and learning leadership.  Just read the resources in order, take the quiz and do the exercises.
The process steps 
1. Vision - The ROAD MAP to success.
2. Leadership - The true definition of leadership is INFLUENCE, nothing more, nothing less.
3. Goal Setting- PERSONAL goals, TEAM goals, EFFORT goals.
4. Competitive Spirit
Before you start, get yourself a composition book (they are inexpensive journals - usually black covers and have blank notebook paper inside)  They are easy to find in school supplies. This will be your TWO LEARN JOURNAL.  It is important that you follow along each step and do the exercises as well as the quizes.  Write in your journal each day at least one entry in which you displayed a leadership quality.  Practice what you are learning.  Remember- leadership is not learned in a day but daily.
Vision Quiz Exercise Leadership Quiz Exercise
1.  Introduction Intro Q   3. John Wooden: Influence JW Influence Q  
 2. John Wooden Vision JW Vision Q   4. Introduction Intro Q Hazing
      5. Trust and Influence   Develop Trust
      6. Sacrifice     
      7. Integrity    
      8. Attitude    
      9. Self Discipline     
      10. Character     



Goal Setting Quiz Exercise Competive Spirit
11. Goal Setting    Write your goals down 13. Competitive Spirit
12. Visualize Goals     14. Competitive Greatness