Two QB

Two QB is a tab dedicated to everything Quarterback.  This tab is an online wingt QB school for QUARTERBACKS AND THEIR COACHES.  We will discuss the finer points of wing-t Quarterbacking as well as trying to raise the wingt QB's football knowledge or "football IQ".  
It is broken down into five parts:
1. Life lessons and the Quarterback
2. Wing-T Fundamentals
3. Option Fundamentals
4. Passing Fundamentals
5. Quarterback IQ
These are my 10 commandments for Quarterback's that are analagous in life as well.  So they are important to understand in the context of the game of football but also, and more importantly in the game of life.  This the reason that I believe teaching Quarterbacks is a great vocation.  Raising leaders within the sport of football to lead in the sport of life.
Wing- T Fundamentals
This is stance and handup, footwork, and wing-t passing game fundamentals.  The base or core of the wing-t offense is covered within these fundamentals and includes practice plan structure outlined within these fundamentals.
Option Fundamentals
This is the actual technique of pitching the ball, option reads (including shotgun reads), and the option footwork and path fundamentals.  This will also include base run and pass plays off those runs.
Passing Fundamentals (TwoThrow)
This includes everything from the grip to the simple steps of creating a short stroke and quick release.
The passing mechanics that you can grow with and as you master the stroke will get faster and faster on the actual release.  
Quarterback IQ
This includes the basic of defense recognition, officials, when the clock starts and stops, the different field zones, ball security, option and pass reads and etc......This will help you become a coach on the field.  
  Life Lessons and the QB  Members
1. Big Play opportunities  
2. One bad play  
3. Second mistakes are the costliest  
4. Prepare to win  
5. Know your situation  
6. Influence yourself  
7. Know where you are  
8. Too much credit  
  Wing-T Fundamentals  All Users
 1 QB Philosophy  
 2 Stance and Hand Up  
 3 Wing-T QB Footwork  
 4 Footwork Drills  
 5 Wing-T Flank Passing  
 6 Waggle  Members
 7 Keep Pass  Members
 8 Counter Bootleg  Members
   Gun & Pistol Wing-T Fundamentals  
1.  QB Stance  & Alignment  Members
2.  GP WingT Footwork - Belly  Members
3.  GP WingT Footwork - Buck  Members
 4  GP WingT Footwork - Power  Members
 5  GP WingT Footwork - Counter  Members
 6  GP Gun Triple Footwork  Members
  Option Fundamentals  All Users
 1 Option Pitch Technique  
 2 Counting defenders on Option  
 3 Wing-T Option Reads  
 4 Option Drills  
 5 Triple Option Reads  
 6 Option Reads out of Gun  Members Only
  Two Throw (Passing Fundamentals)  Members Only
   Passing Mechanics  
   The Grip  
   The Set up  
   The bring back  
   The Release  
   The Follow Thru  
   Drop Footwork  
   3 Step Drop  
   5 Step Drop  
  Quarterback IQ   
 1 Defensive Recognition  All Users
 2 The Field, Officials and Clock  All Users
 3 Ball Security  All Users
 4 Cover Recognition  Members Only
 5 Attacking Coverages  Members only
  Game Planning   
 6 Improve your luck   Members Only