The decison to participate in TWOLEAD shows you have chosen to make a difference in your life as well as the lives of others.  With that decision we must prepare you mentally to lead.  Leading is not an easy task.  Most of you are already leading; you're just not sure what you are doing.  We want t remove the doubt and establish your confidence in the process of becoming a champion.  Leading is not easy, but vital to your success.  You must accept your role as a leader and be willing to be held accountable for the success of your football team.
The vision is your road map to focus on the process of becoming a champion. You will need to select a motto or slogan that will constantly remind you of the vision to be your very best.  Hopefully, you realize this is not just a football goal but a live goal.
Leadership is influence,nothing more, nothing less.  Influence must be earned; it is never just given to you.  Good leadership is learned in the trenches, when things are tough and championships are not being won.  It will take courage to make these decisions that involve your teammates in tough times. Your ownership of the vision is critical to the team's success of the vidion.  You can't sell what you don't believe.  It will be your job to get your teammates to buy into the vision.  You must have a passion for this pursuit and a plan to make it happen.  
" Coach Mike Ditka began talking super bowl title from the first day of training camp. Slowly, our players began buying into the VISION.  We started coming together as a family and began putting team goals ahead of personal goals and egos.  - Richard Dent, DE 1985 World Champion Chicago Bears.
5 Levels of leadership
1. Position - players follow because they have to, your the coach or the captain or a senior.
2. Permission - players follow because they want to.
3. Production - players follow because of what you have done for the team.
4. People development - players follow because of what you have done for the team.
5. Personhood - players follow because of who you are and what you represent.
Vision has 4 Components
1. Passion: Gotta love it, no passion - no vision:
2. Motivation: Successful achievement of vision has to include desire.
3. Direction: The most advantage of the vision is the direction it gives the team.  It will serve as your road map to the championship.  It forces you to prioritize your values.
4. Purpose: A vision gives you a reason to get up in the morning. It gives even the most routine and mundane tasks importance and urgency.
3 Common Myths of Leadership
A. Position Myth: "I can't lead if I'm not at the top." I can't lead if I'm not a senior."  Leadership does not come from a position.  John Maxwell says that 99% of all leadership comes not from the top but from the middle of the organization.
B. Destination Disease Myth: "I'll learn how to lead when I get to the top."  If you don't lead on the way up, you won't lead when you get there, if you get there.  Again, leadership doesn't happen because of your position.
C. Influence Myth: "People would follow me if I have enough money, cars, girls, etc..."  Influence must be earned not bought.  As soon as the money is gone, so will the friends.
Write your thoughts in you TWO LEAD JOURNAL(TLJ) to this quote - "Without vision, Good things will keep you from accomplishing great things."
In your TLJ write either your vision or your teams vision.