Why Wing-T?

Although the wing t had its beginnings over 60 years ago, it has sustained itself through out the years. Upon careful examination,  you’ll discover it is the only offense that has remained with its basic concept in tact.  All others have fallen by the wayside over time and we all know why.  The enemy ....... Are defensive schemes, and while defense has  caused the wing- t to alter its schemes or methods several times over  --  the concept has remained the same.  The wing-t is  limitless - its diversity allows us to utilize other offensive schemes within the wing-t such as  the triple option, jet and rocket running games as well as West Coast, Run & Shoot and Spread passing systems.  This diversity also allows for "quick strike" capabilities with in the  traditional wing-t ball control game plan.

Why?? ............ Because it's instant offense game in and game out. When executed properly, the wing-t always gives you a systematic answer to the defense.  In essence, the defense can never be correct.  The Wing-t allows you to be successful with lesser talent and adjusts to your team's strengths each year.  Consistent success with the wing-t is made possible through angle blocking, misdirection, and creating conflicts for the defense.

It is not magic, wing-t football requires disciplines - without which it will not  succeed - the contents of this web site are dedicated to assisting you and your  staff in implementing those same disciplines  - which we believe will be successful  if absorbed and taught properly.

Score Big!

Coach Hrovat