Wing-T Flank Passing


Before we get to the read, let me discuss your path on waggle.  The philosophy behind the waggle is a run/pass option.  We want to keep this as an option.  This is what makes this play so great. The QB breaking the flank is tough on the defense and puts the flat defender in a conflict as well as the secondary contain on the defense.  This is accomplished by keeping the QB no deeper than 5 1/2 yards deep behind the LOS and continuing on this path - Highway - until he makes his decision.  This keeps the QB as a legitimate run threat and pass threat.  If he would be 8 yards deep he is too deep to be a legitimate run threat and if he gets too close to LOS, he is not a pass threat.   So this is where the third step comes into play - if he takes a 45 degree step on third step, this usually pushes him too deep on his waggle path and keeps him off the "highway".  We will utilize a couple of drills to emphasise the technique and work our quick grip and shoulders square to LOS to be able to make quick decisions on the run and be able to execute the decision on time from there.
Qb should find the FS on presnap to  determine if it’s 2 deep or 3 deep.  Once the QB knows on presnap the coverage he does not have to verify the coverage on post snap. If he isn't sure on presnap than he must verify, he’ll do this by snapping his head on the third step to the fs again and determine his drop angle.  If the fs drops into the middle 3rd the qb will read 1) deep (out) 2) flat 3) run.   If the qb sees the  fs vacate the middle 3rd he will then pull up  and throw the middle  receiver who is splitting the middle 3rd of the field.

Keep Pass

Let me discuss the concept of the keep pass before we get to the read.  The keep pass is designed a quick play action pass.  This is not a run pass option in the general sense.  Yes the QB can run if he does not see the pass but the design of the blocking scheme is not as clean on the perimeter as the waggle and getting the defense sealed.  The QB must make his decision quick off of the mesh and therefore drilling the mechanics is critical in the the execution of the play.
Qb should read the 4th defender vs 8 man front teams.  If the 4th defender drops the QB should run if the 4th defender comes  then he should throw to the flat.  Vs 7 man fronts we’ll read the 4th defenders drop - if he drops back (in curl drop) the we’ll throw to the flat - if he gets width (in flat drop) then we’ll throw to the seam.

Counter Bootleg 

The Counter Boottleg is designed as a run pass option and we keep some of the same thoughts as waggle.  The difference is the footwork, but the read has the same thoughts.  The QB must know that he may loose the flat route if the DE crosses the path of the Tailback.  But if you have run the counter a number of times and the DE will follow the pulling tackle.
Qb should read 8 man front defense just like the keeppass.  Vs 7 man front read deep - flat - run (with the knowledge vs 2 deep the “angle flag” route should be open and vs 3 deep it will be flat or run.
(possibly crossing). 


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Coach Hrovat